Working at a Senior Graduation

Tonight was a great night as I worked a Food & Beverage gig. I catered a graduation ceremony for High School Seniors. It brought me back 10 years when I was sitting in those chairs parading my way w my classmates (drunk 😬) across the stage while your loved ones cheered on. The banquet had a nice montage video and a dance that ensued as well. The kids were all dressed up in their finest clothes happy as. (Yes, I ended the sentence with “as”.. There’s this Aussie slang that goes “Easy as” “Happy as” “Hungry as”.. you get the picture).. Anyways, they had me carrying out the larger trays which were filled with six meals stacked. I nearly dropped a few in the beginning as I hadn’t really done this before. Then a coworker carrying a tray of wine glasses dropped a few, shattering them in the main room in front of everyone. She was really embarrassed so I told her I would take the remaining non broken classes to the kitchen.. Then about ten feet away.. Down came some more! I dropped a few and they shattered immediately.. As I bent down to pick up the ones that hadn’t broke, some more came falling down again..! I thought I would have been embarrassed but for whatever reason I just started laughing. Guess there’s not much to loose when you’re leaving in a couple days. It was a fun experience none the less and just another random job in Australia for the books!


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