Need Your Good Vibes!

September 22, 2014

I Need Your Good Thoughts! Today I was given direction by my American friend Stephen, to meet up with this amazing Australian woman who owns a shop here in Cairns. Upon arriving, she gave me a huge hug and an extremely warm welcome. I told her I knew Stephen and she became ecstatic as she misses him being physically part of her “family” here in Cairns. She gave me options of doing my Advanced Scuba Certificate here on the Great Barrier Reef where I will have roughly 38 dives and at one point where I will volunteer and work as staff on the boat in exchange for heavily discounted dives.. if that part is not exciting the next part is the icing on the cake.. we started talking jobs and she mentioned an opportunity that has just arrived.. she goes on to tell me that a teaching position has just became available in the outback working with a handful of student in grade 10. Basically, the students are in remote areas and attend online lessons which I would attend and then help them with their homework. I can’t explain how excited I am about this opportunity. They will take me by private plane to the destination since it’s so remote. I would be on a 3 month contract where food and accommodation is paid for and with the money saved, I would be able to avoid work for the remaining 3 months in Aus after teaching and be able to afford my flights to the US and back to New Zealand.. not to mention the experiences and resume boost which comes along with this potential position. OH.. and where I teach is on a crocodile and cattle farm!! This is where your collective positive intent comes into place. I don’t have this job yet.. she said it would take a few days to go through and promised to not send anyone else over for the position and that I was the only one she has sent and that she feels I would be great for the position.. Guys, I haven’t wanted something so bad in a while. So whatever you do to get to that spiritual level.. say a prayer, light a candle, do some yoga, smoke a spliff, do a rain dance.. whatever get you going please think of me next time you do so. I need your help! I hope so bad I get this and realize its putting myself out there posting this before I know the outcome but I figured I could use your help. I firmly believe everything works out in the end, so if I don’t get the position, I know something else is meant to be even if I don’t understand why at the moment. Alright, lets get those positive vibes flowing!

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