Karijini National Park

August 23, 2014

Introducing you to Karijini National Park! I have tons of landscape photos I can’t wait to share but here’s a one of yours truly taken today after a long hike down Hancock Gorge. Basically, I’m not sure how these hikes are legal bc I know in the States they would be what we (unfortunately) call “lawsuits waiting to happen.” The hikes take you down different gorges which at many times you are scaling the walls like Spider-man with a rocky fall beneath. To get to this particular spot you hike through this gorge and at a point you do a “Spiker Walk” where the walls of the cave are 3-4 feet wide and you stick both legs and arms out and wedge yourself along with a rocky rushing river beneath. We’ve spent three nights and four days here, each day filled with hiking. I think well spend a day or so more here before heading North to Port Hedland and then onwards to Broome where I’ll need to find another ride through The Kimberly region.. But more on that later. Wish everyone well!


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