Got the Job!

September 23, 2014

I GOT THE JOB! Thank you all for your overwhelming support it makes me feel so connected even though I am on the other side of the world! I spoke with the family yesterday for over and hour. As it turns out, they live on a cattle farm (not a crocodile farm) and there are two girls, both in Grade 10, who listen to their assignments via broadcast and then complete their assignments. My duty will be to assist them with their homework and be an overall mentor for them. They seems extremely mature for their age when I spoke to both of them (twins). At first they were shy but by the end of the conversation I had them laughing and their mother in the end said they both were sitting there mouthing “pick him! pick him!” So.. I will have room and accommodation paid for.. my own room, bathroom, TV, air con.. the works. The pay is just stupid crazy I don’t understand how it works here in Australia but I am not complaining. I start next week, they’re going to come and actually pick me up or put me on a bus (no plane lol).. and when I asked the girls what they like to do on their free time they said “ride horses and go pig huntin'”.. they’re proper bush kids and I think my Cowboy side is about to come out full force! They said they’ll take me pig hunting and I joked that they cant make fun of me when I pass out at the sight of a dead wild pig lol. Only worrisome thing is.. and anyone who knows me will laugh.. is that I am also in charge of the cooking for the family.. um.. I can’t cook worth a damn and I kind of warned them but they didn’t seem to care.. It’s going to be hard to “fake it until you make it” when they’re eating your food! The girls said their favorite meal is lasagna so hopefully they don’t mind premade “pop in the oven” lasagna.. I wonder how they feel about ramen noodles? PBJ’s? lol.. OK so I need to learn to cook quick but luckily my main duties is teaching! Thanks again everyone I’m on cloud nine.. and before I go I am about to book a multi-night Great Barrier Reef dive trip! Happy Days!

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