First Impressions of WA

July 29, 2014

Western Australia State.. It’s simply amazing. Three emu’s bolted in front of the car today crossing the road on the way to Monkey Mia. We arrived at Monkey Mia in Shark Bay (no joke) and after hours of driving through the outback with nothing in sight we arrived a Monkey Mia. It’s hard to explain but it’s a small community in the middle of nowhere. You pay for a camping spot and inside the park area there are camping spots, a restaurant, grocery store, billiard room, pool/jacuzzi, tennis court, etc. The attraction? It’s home of a place where wild dolphins come on a daily basis for feeding. Therefore, tomorrow morning they have the morning meal where you go to the shoreline and see all the wild dolphins congregating for their daily meal. Tonight during sunset which was simply amazing, there was a dolphin about 10 feet from shore pacing back and forth. He/She swam along the coast for over an hour. It got to the point where the handful of bystanders walked away after taking sufficient photos and watching the gentle creature splash around for nearly 30 minutes. At one point it came about three feet from the shore and rolled on it’s back and it seemed like he/she was scratching it’s back on the ground . It was awesome. I am really happy with my choice to go up Western Australia as most people stick to Queensland on the East Coast. There aren’t too many tourists and it’s a genuine outback experience. I will eventually make it to the East Coast but for now I’ll soak up the beauty of being in the middle of no where’s seeing the wildlife Australia has to offer. #GreatAustralianRoadTrip.


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