Cairns, Queensland

September, 20, 2014

Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Where the public pool meets the sea which meets the sailboard which meets the mountains. Not a bad spot. It’s low tide now hence the arid sea. It’ll fill back up in a few hours time. Out of all the cities I have been to in Australia.. Cairns is officially my favorite place. The green forested hills that surround the city as well as the much larger CBD (Central Business District aka “downtown”), even when comparing to Perth, makes it quite appealing. The place is buzzing but not too chaotic. There is stuff to do each night and the place I am staying at really sold it for me. Everyone upon arrival was going out of their way to welcome and introduce themselves and integrate you into the “group” of people staying here. It was unlike any welcoming I’ve had in Australia. I had a great first night getting to know everyone and it just feels right so today I am starting to look for jobs. I try my best to land a bar gig so I can socialize and still have a fun experience while working/living here in Australia. Now, I just have to land a job which I have high hopes about accomplishing. Wish me luck!


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