Australia West Coast Road Trip Has Begun!

July 27, 2014

Hello world! Just got signal after a long stretch of no connection. We are on day 7 of the road trip heading North up Western Australia’s Coast. In a quick summary, it started with rain for a couple days.. We realized our tents aren’t so waterproof so we booked it North to gravitate towards the warmth and dryer weather. We are using an app called “WikiCamp” where people post free/cheap places to camp along the way. We visited the Pinnacles National Park which was kinda cool. Couple days later we found a Farm Stay where you set up camp on someone’s farm. The family was super friendly and we ended up staying there three nights. It was right on the beach and next to the beach were sand dunes! The sand dunes were huge. Down the road also was a pink lake. No joke, a bright pink lake due to the algae. The following day the couple who owned the ranch asked us if we would help them slaughter a cow.. Soooo we obliged. Luckily the guy already shot it and slit it’s neck by the time we got to the scene (sorry, vegetarians). It was intense. We actually held the heart. . We mainly were there to help transport the quarters to the fridge since they were so heavy. It was an experience. The meat will feed the family for the next year and from the looks of it, the cow had a nice life. We also caught chickens (no, we didn’t kill them) and our last night they cooked a leg of fresh lamb for dinner. They were an amazing family. After dinner we got a lesson on safety on the road up north. Australia has a lot of great wildlife and some which can be quite dangerous. There are wild camels (yes, camels) roaming around as well as kangaroos, emus, pigs, dingo dogs and cows. All of these can run you off the road so we got to keep out eyes peeled. I just hope I see a wild camel roaming around. Up north we have to be careful for crocodiles in the ocean and were advised not to swim unless there is a sign saying it’s safe. Also, killer jellyfish roam those waters. Also, brown snakes and various spiders are about. I feel like I am the Crocodile Hunter . Also, today in the National Park we saw whales! They are migrating North and we saw them come up and blow air out of their blow hole and then go underwater sticking their tail in the air. It was an amazing sight. Now we are at Kalbarri National Park and it may be the last time I have signal for a while, I sure hope so because it’s nice being disconnected. Anyways, wish everyone well! The‪#‎GreatAustralianRoadtrip‬ has officially began!


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