The Kimberly

September 10, 2014

Were sunburnt, tired and dirty but we have all made it through the Gibb River Road. Four National Parks later we have arrived to the first sealed road in days. We only popped one tire and while I drove I hit two snakes, one bird, and nearly one kangaroo. The hikes were great. The heat was at times unbearable, but in the end we’re here! These are my four new mates (when in Rome..) and we’re heading strong towards Darwin.. only 877km to go. Slight bump in the road is our driver, this Irish guy not in the photo decided to tell us last night he will not be taking us all the way to Darwin and instead casually drop us off in Katherine, about 300km south. So.. Yea.. He’s an asshole but it isn’t stopping us four from enjoying the trip. The show must go on!


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