World Cup Review

Well, life has returned to normal now that the World Cup has come to an end. I must say, it was really fun living in a household with people all over the world during the games. It seemed like every night there was a game we “had to watch”. My sleeping schedule was completely out of synch. The games fell between 12am-6am in the morning. At first, our TV wasn’t working properly in the house so we had to walk down to Northbridge where two different pubs would open up in the middle of the night to show the games. Then.. we decided to give the casino a shot. The environment in the casino was electrifying. They had two large screens and everyone crammed together and hooted and hollered for their team while drinking expensive beers. I think there was a total of three times leaving the casino that it was pure daylight by the time we left. It was brutal. One time, I fell asleep waiting for the train. Luckily, my partner in crime, Jasper was there to wake me up when the train arrived.. then we got caught in a rain storm.. lol all I wanted was to get in bed. Favorite teams? Well that would be Brazil, Holland.. and of course the United States. I wish I saw more of Colombia play but what I saw was quite impressive. England was a joke.. lol.. Sorry to all my English friends I was shocked as I am sure you were as well Favorite game? Well that would be the USA vs. Portugal. What. A. Game. My second favorite was Brazil vs. Colombia. I am going to post all the games I was able to watch for future reference on my blog. In complete other news, I bought a new tripod for my camera! I also bought an extra battery so on my road trip next week I will be able to have multiple batteries since we are going to camp as we go and wont have much access to electricity. I can’t explain the intensity of this upcoming road trip. I’ll post more on it before I go. But yea, I am excited to take photos as I venture through Australia with three of my #mates I met here living in Perth. They’re some good guys and I look forward to whats to come. In addition to the tripod I bought a remote for the camera so I can hit the remote to take a photo. That way I can actually be in some of the photos unlike the majority of the ones taken in Asia. Don’t worry, I wont photo bomb all of them Anyways, heres a photo which has nothing to do with the World Cup but rather was taken earlier today at Kings Park where I was testing out the tripod and remote.. I finally busted out my Canon 50mm f/1.4 prime lens too! Excited to utilize it as its a great lens for taking portraits!

Games Watched:
Brazil (3) vs. Croatia (1) – June 13th @ 4am
Spain (1) vs. Nederlands (5) – June 14th @ 4am
England (1) vs. Italy (2) – June 15th @ 4am
Germany (4) vs. Portugal (0) – June 17th @ 12am
Brazil (0) vs. Mexico (0) – June 18th @ 3am
Australia (2) vs. Nederlands (3) – June 19th @ 12am
USA (2) vs. Portugal (2) – June 23rd @ 6am
Nederlands (2) vs. Chile (0) – June 24th 12am
USA (0) vs. Germany (1) – June 27th 12am
Belgium (2) vs. USA (1) – July 2nd @ 4am
France (0) vs. Germany (1) – July 5th @ 12am
Brazil (2) vs Colombia (1) – July 5th @ 4am
Nederlands (0) vs. Costa Rica (0) – July 6th @ 12am
Brazil (1) vs. Germany (7) – July 9th @ 4am
Brazil (0) vs. Holland (3) – July 13th @ 4am
Germany (1) vs. Argentina (0) – July 14th @ 3am


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