Goodbye, Perth

July 21, 2014

Who would have thought how bittersweet this could taste? As I pack up my bags and fill up the car, one can’t help but sit back and think on the past four months spent here in Perth. A city where at one point I could not wait to leave has proven to be the hardest place to depart from in all my travels. There has been so much that has happened to me and my family over the past four months.. it seems like a year has been slammed into four months. It has been a roller coaster.. a challenge to say the least.. the highs were accompanied with the lows but in the end the highs whole heartedly outweigh the lows. It all started when I had my accident and nearly lost my thumb. I can honestly say that was the scariest moment of my life. Half of the time when I walk by a construction site my heart races and I go back to that moment sending chills down my spine. I am beyond words thankful for the doctors, physical therapists and surgeons who have helped me maintain my hitchhiking finger. I may not have full feeling back yet, but it’s getting better and better everyday and is on path to a full recovery. In addition to my accident, I fell for someone who quickly backed out leaving me heartbroken.. it hurts, but it happens. There has been other things on the home front that has been difficult to deal with so far away from home. It sucks when you want to be there for your family but you physically can not. Probably sounds like Perth was shit, right? Wrong. These are just the challenges that in the end make you a stronger person. With all the things that have gone on here.. I would have not been able to get by without the help of my group of friends I have made here in Perth. They have been my support and have been a shoulder for me to lean on. I usually am the one whose shoulder other people lay their head on, but this time it was the other way around. The scales really do find a way to level themselves out. My flatmates in particular.. Anna, Sean, Lisa, Keith, Column, Jasper, Kush, Ed, Chloe, Gesche, Harshal, Jason and AJ.. you guys mean so much to me. Thank you. A thank you would also not be complete without mentioning a very special person who has helped me grow more and more into my own skin over the past four months.. Tina you are an angel. Perth has been a party to be honest. I kind of slipped back a few years and went “college mode” for most of it. Drunken debauchery at it’s finest. We had a tradition on Wednesday nights where the roommates played “Kings Cup” drinking game and head to Connections Night Club. The clubs stay open until 5:00am here and many times the lights would suddenly turn on signaling its time to go home. I still don’t know how you guys made it to work the following day..  Luckily, I have been getting workman’s comp from the insurance company since I have been unfit to work since May 5th. A nice deposit of $875 would get dumped into my bank account every Friday. Not. Bad. Besides from our family night fun on Wednesday there are many other aspects which will remain in my memory when I think of Perth. I’ve never lived in a place that has such a rainy season like in Perth. It’s said to be the sunniest place in Australia but I happened to come here right at the beginning of the rainy season. It would be sunny one minute and a downpour the next. The early days of sitting in Banjos Backpacker Hostel listening to the rain hammer on the tin roof is something which still radiates in my ear drums. Brings me to my next point.. living in a hostel where most people are working and living in the city was quite an experience. I was happy to move into my house but those early days were fun. People constantly coming and going as I bounced around from table to table. Also, cooking in a communal kitchen while sipping wine on a nightly basis was great fun. Love to all my Banjo’s friends I made alone the way. Other memories that stand out is the incredible DJ at The Court Hotel.. “Mine sweeping” wounded soldiers.. Going to Freo with Tina to only get caught in the rain but finding shelter later in the playground.. Going to the CBD (the city) and spending hours just walking around.. Eating at the Indian place which is a donation only establishment with no set price on the meals.. Going to the Little Creatures brewery in Freo.. Getting kicked out of a taxi after calling him out on trying to scam us $6.. The endless dirty dishes in our kitchen (I still attest none of them were ever mine .. Shopping for the car with Sean and Colum.. Getting told the ropes by Harry.. Going to the bonfire party with Gesche, Sean and Jasper where we sat there until 5:00am and then caught a cab to the casino to watch the England World Cup match.. Going to hand therapy every Friday.. The talks with Lisa giving each other confidence.. Riding the free Cat busses around town.. Eating french fries in Northbridge after leaving Connections.. Lesbian Mud Wrestling.. The beaches.. Cottlesloe, Scarborough and Swanbourne.. Going to The Court Hotel with Laure.. Going on the road trip with Matteo and Jonathan.. Climbing the tree in the National Park.. Kangaroo watching in Margaret River.. Eating Kebabs from the place up the road.. Selling paintings door to door.. Working food and beverage at the footie game.. Working at the hostel for free accommodation.. Fund Raising for epilepsy.. Doing construction.. Drinking goon and the terrible hangovers they yield.. Subiaco food market.. Kangaroo Island.. The train rides.. The crows and their crazy accent.. The “Fucking Germans” .. Lisa’s birthday.. The ambulance ride during my accident.. Saying “what” over and over to Australians upon arrival.. Those conversations with Anna, Thank You for giving me confidence, I Love You.. Exploring King’s Park.. Seeing Dolphins with Leonardo in the Swan River.. Jamie’s Italian for our last supper.. The Lorde concert with Sean.. Fire pits out front with the roommates.. The onesies.. Getting refused entry multiple times due attire or being “intoxicated”.. Staying up until the wee hours with Sean talking about God knows what.. Nights where we all watched movies and gathered together on the sofas.. Talking to Antoine about his passion, I have so much respect for you.. The Azac Day concert.. Living at the gym 3-4 times a week.. Leonardo, Thank You for what it’s worth.. Going to Club Air and the power going out minutes after we paid our entry fee.. Conversations with Ed, I have so much respect for what you are doing.. Walking down Wellington street to get to Northbridge.. Dropping my camera lens cover and fishing it out with Tina.. Listening to my headphones singing loud as I walk through the CBD.. and how could I ever forget.. The World Cup and how it dominated my sleeping schedule for over a month’s time as I would stay up all night watching matches with everyone and especially my partner in crime Jasper.. 80 BENNETT STREET!!!.. Keith taking heaps of selfies of us for memories sake.. Walking back from Connections and hitchhiking home.. Knife hits.. Our freezing house with no heat.. Going to Freo by myself.. Learning how to drive a car on the other side of the road.. Our damn TV antenna.. The squeaky bed frame.. Kings Cup.. Kush’s daily routine .. Jason’s reaction at the club when he went out with us.. The Court Hotel with Leonardo.. Cramming everyone in the kitchen to cook dinner.. Renting DVD’s from the library.. Coffee with Tina .. Jasper breaking the mirror.. Sean stapling things to the walls/ceilings.. The laughter.. The roommates specific “dances”.. The car crash(es) outside our house.. Walking from Subiaco towards Perth with Jasper and Sean after the bonfire party.. Glowsticks in the living room.. Going to the Shack with Jasper and the conversation we had, Thank You so much.. as one can tell, Perth has been an experience I will forever carry in my memory. After my 10 months in Asia, I wanted to settle down somewhere and make friends who would be in my life for more than a week. I got what I was looking for. I made a family away from home who were there for each other through thick and thin. Though laughter, jokes, drunkenness and tears, we held strong and looked out for one another. It’s harder than I imagined to leave and it’s apparent everyone feels the same way. I can’t say enough Thank You to everyone I met.. I Love You.. “and you know.. we’re on each others team.”


World Cup Review

Well, life has returned to normal now that the World Cup has come to an end. I must say, it was really fun living in a household with people all over the world during the games. It seemed like every night there was a game we “had to watch”. My sleeping schedule was completely out of synch. The games fell between 12am-6am in the morning. At first, our TV wasn’t working properly in the house so we had to walk down to Northbridge where two different pubs would open up in the middle of the night to show the games. Then.. we decided to give the casino a shot. The environment in the casino was electrifying. They had two large screens and everyone crammed together and hooted and hollered for their team while drinking expensive beers. I think there was a total of three times leaving the casino that it was pure daylight by the time we left. It was brutal. One time, I fell asleep waiting for the train. Luckily, my partner in crime, Jasper was there to wake me up when the train arrived.. then we got caught in a rain storm.. lol all I wanted was to get in bed. Favorite teams? Well that would be Brazil, Holland.. and of course the United States. I wish I saw more of Colombia play but what I saw was quite impressive. England was a joke.. lol.. Sorry to all my English friends I was shocked as I am sure you were as well Favorite game? Well that would be the USA vs. Portugal. What. A. Game. My second favorite was Brazil vs. Colombia. I am going to post all the games I was able to watch for future reference on my blog. In complete other news, I bought a new tripod for my camera! I also bought an extra battery so on my road trip next week I will be able to have multiple batteries since we are going to camp as we go and wont have much access to electricity. I can’t explain the intensity of this upcoming road trip. I’ll post more on it before I go. But yea, I am excited to take photos as I venture through Australia with three of my #mates I met here living in Perth. They’re some good guys and I look forward to whats to come. In addition to the tripod I bought a remote for the camera so I can hit the remote to take a photo. That way I can actually be in some of the photos unlike the majority of the ones taken in Asia. Don’t worry, I wont photo bomb all of them Anyways, heres a photo which has nothing to do with the World Cup but rather was taken earlier today at Kings Park where I was testing out the tripod and remote.. I finally busted out my Canon 50mm f/1.4 prime lens too! Excited to utilize it as its a great lens for taking portraits!

Games Watched:
Brazil (3) vs. Croatia (1) – June 13th @ 4am
Spain (1) vs. Nederlands (5) – June 14th @ 4am
England (1) vs. Italy (2) – June 15th @ 4am
Germany (4) vs. Portugal (0) – June 17th @ 12am
Brazil (0) vs. Mexico (0) – June 18th @ 3am
Australia (2) vs. Nederlands (3) – June 19th @ 12am
USA (2) vs. Portugal (2) – June 23rd @ 6am
Nederlands (2) vs. Chile (0) – June 24th 12am
USA (0) vs. Germany (1) – June 27th 12am
Belgium (2) vs. USA (1) – July 2nd @ 4am
France (0) vs. Germany (1) – July 5th @ 12am
Brazil (2) vs Colombia (1) – July 5th @ 4am
Nederlands (0) vs. Costa Rica (0) – July 6th @ 12am
Brazil (1) vs. Germany (7) – July 9th @ 4am
Brazil (0) vs. Holland (3) – July 13th @ 4am
Germany (1) vs. Argentina (0) – July 14th @ 3am


Fremantle, Australia

July 15, 2014

Took a day to myself and did a solo trip down to Fremantle 45 minutes south by train. It’s only my second time here wish I had spent more time down here as it’s way more my scene than Perth.  Oh well! Only 6 more days until I move onward up North! 

Goodbye, Tina!

July 14, 2014

Today I said goodbye to my best friend I made here in Perth. You’d think I would get used to leaving new friends but this time is ever more difficult having been here for months. Tina has been there for me through thick and thin and knows more about me than most people. Her support and confidence in me is something I will forever cherish. Until next time! I Love You.


Christmas in July

July 2, 2014

Today at the Senior Centre was “Christmas in July” since it’s winter now and it’s a tradition in Australia. I raffled off prizes, chatted with the people and you guessed it.. encouraged them to get up and dance! The staff said when a “young man like myself” comes in it really helps get them to the dance floor. Well, before we danced the ladies suggested they raffle me off, with a starting bid of 20 bucks! Hah! I think with inflation from their generation that must be around $100! Anyways, here’s a video from the dance floor.. It’s kinda embarrassing but when has that stopped me before? Here we go anyways..

DNA Tower

June 27, 2014

I’ve came to Kings Park looking for the “famous” DNA Tower at least 3-4 times over the past three months in Perth. The parks so large it always became dark before I could find it. Well today was my day, I found the DNA Tower. It’s anticlimactic to say the least as I expected it to be much different (lol) BUT none the less I’m glad I found it. The views from the top are great.