A Trip Down Memory Lane

April 23, 2014

Forgot how much I love the Deftones. I remember I was grounded in high school and I couldn’t go to the concert but negotiated with my parents that I could go if I took my mom with me. Then I would “have” to behave. Well my mom and I ended up drinking tons of beers and snuck our way down into the mosh pit where we saw the entire show. Some could say that’s “bad parenting” but I say that’s BS bc I turned out just fine and my mom is one of my best friends on this planet. #LoveYaMomma 

Kangaroo Spotting

April 23, 2014

Leaving the vineyard and driving down the windy road led to a friend screaming “I just saw a kangaroo”. For whatever reason, I thought he was joking. Therefore, we stopped the car and flipped it in reverse. Then not only did we see one kangaroo, but an entire “pack” of them! There were so many scattered throughout this field, I couldn’t believe it. We jumped out of the car and slowly approached them but as you see here, they noticed us, stood on alert and then quickly hopped away. The way they hop is quite humerous in itself. Afterwards we nearly hit one who decided to jump in front of our car out of nowhere. The most dangerous thing in Australia I’ve been told are kangaroos. They are attracted to the car lights and just hop in front of you. Most people swerve to miss them and end up in a much worse scenario then if they would just have accepted the collision. Something to keep in mind whenever I finally have earned enough money to make my way across Australia. Until then, it’s just small adventures like these which I am perfectly fine with. It’s been nice staying in one place for almost a month now. However, I do miss being on the road but it’ll be that much more exciting when my time finally comes. Until then, I’ll keep living in the moment and enjoying Perth. 


Margaret River

April 21, 2014

Back in Perth. Wonderful weekend spend deep in the forests of SW Australia. We made it to 4 national parks, saw tons of kangaroos (almost hit two), visited plenty of beaches, successfully camped on random back roads, drank a couple bottles of whiskey, visited some wineries, climbed a couple trees, and most importantly.. Took a ton of pictures. I’m really happy with their outcome so opposed to writing a lengthy post here, I’ll post single photos over the next week or so with a little story behind them. 

This one is simple, we were driving down the road as the sun was setting and decided to run around the vineyard. Leaving the vineyard was my first encounter w kangaroos in the wild. There was a family of 15-20 in this open field. We stopped the car and tried to approach them but they hopped away. I’ll post a photo sometime later, it was great. Later while driving one hopped in front of the car but luckily we avoided hitting it. The SW Region really is dense with trees and it made a nice long weekend journey. Now I am exhausted, I just left the gym and it’s only 9:00pm but I’m going to bed. My 5:20 alarm will come early! Goodnight from Australia.


Road Trip!

April 17, 2014

ROAD TRIP!!! We rented a car and were heading south to see a vineyard and a national park w big ‘ol trees. My camera is charged, cooler is full and a tent is procured. There’s a German, an Italian, a Swedish guy and an American about to take on SW Australia. Were gonna camp on the side of the road.. Aussie Style. Everyone have a Happy Easter and a Hazy 4/20.



Sunrise after Sunrise

April 14, 2014

My favorite part of my job is being able to watch the Sun come up through the bus window every morning. Nothing like seeing a city slowly come alive and a day break anew. People rustling around in order to provide for their loved ones. Some look determined, others exhausted. Some happy, some not so much. It’s the little things, isn’t it?


A Surprise Call

April 13, 2014

Just got a surprise FaceTime call from Julie with everyone together back in Colorado. I finally had adequate wifi to see the faces and hear the voices of people I miss and love so much it hurts. You guys look great and I think of you everyday. I think this is the first time in my life I’ve been so happy I actually cried.  Not ashamed. I love you so damn much. – With Gil, Cassie, Julia, Meghan, Mandy, Matty, Katie, Boyer, Jessie, Jordan, Tyler, Roise and Parker.