Settling Down in Perth

April 7, 2014

“How are you going?” That’s what they say here in Australia when you are greeted. Well, I am “going” just fine I must say. I am really enjoying Australia.. a lot. I was just saying to a friend yesterday how happy I am with life at the moment. It’s a good feeling. At the hostel I have a handful of different groups I hang out with. At first it was a little hard to break in as most have been here for some time but in time it became quite easy. As usual, I can’t stick to one “group” and tend to be a floater just like I have been throughout my life. Most people tend to gravitate towards their mother language.. for example, the Germans tend to stick with the Germans, the Dutch with the Dutch, the French with the French, etc.. I tend to just wonder around bouncing in and out. Don’t get me wrong, everyone also intermingles but I think with English as their second language, sometimes its nice for them to be able to speak their mother tongue every once in a while.. Then I come and sit down and then they have to switch back to English lol. The hostel itself is unlike other hostels I have stayed in. It’s more of a working & living hostel since most people are here on the working holiday visa. It has a HUGE main room, kind of like a warehouse lol but it has a gigantic kitchen with 4 stoves/ovens, kitchenware, walk in refrigerators, etc. In the main room there is a giant screen with a projector and a hard drive with hundreds and hundreds of movies to choose from. It’s very social and now that I am getting situated its nice. Ideally, I would like to rent a room but I’m happy here at the moment so I am not going to make any adjustments. I really, really want to stay in Perth for at least a few months before moving on. I like it here. I am happy here. I have friends here. Its nice to be in a city atmosphere, even though it is small and quiet. My plan is to buy a car and travel Australia that way. A group of friends here just sorted out a car and are leaving in a few days, they’re going to have fun. Sucks to see them leave but hey, I may see them elsewhere later on. I have a couple friends outside the hostel which has been nice as well.. get the “local” point of view even though they are technically ex pats. I went to the beach last week with a friend who also invited me to a house party last night. It was nice to be in a house party environment again and everyone there was very inviting and friendly towards me. Made me miss my friends at home but also was nice to meet more people here. Today I am haggard as hell since they had all sorts of liquor and of course I didn’t stick to just one. I don’t know if I will ever learn. The hostel today gave me a job to bring down my expenses. It is.. wait for it.. $210 a week here. So they let me do a couple hours work and knock off $30. Its freaking expensive and the city is starting to eat me alive. That’s the only stress I have at the moment is the constant punch in the stomach whenever I go to pay for something lol. ***OK, I am stopped writing an hour ago and just am picking it up where I left off.. exciting news*** I may have just landed a job!!! HA! Look at that last line I typed right before I got the call! I put a post on GumTree (Craigslist in Australia) and someone called me and it was really confusing at first. He was just chatting me up about Asia and America and also was saying how he too was also looking for a job and was going on about the job market. It was really confusing. I was wondering if this guy just wanted someone to talk to. He was nice so I just kept talking and then literally 40 minutes into the call, just as I was about to make an exit he said he knows of someone hiring here in Perth and gave me the number. I called the guy and he said he could use some help and for me to give him a call tomorrow morning when he is at the office. Random acts of kindness. He was American as well. Then, shortly after, a friend at the hostel confirmed that he will talk to his boss in two days to see if I can be his replacement since he is leaving Perth. Everything. Is. Falling. Into. Place. “Everything works out in the end, if it’s not OK now, then its not the end”. A couple times it was hard to stay positive but I just kept reminding me of this phrase. It’s important. Oh yea, I also worked at a AFL game here last weekend. Australia has their own football league which is a mixture between rugby and soccer. I have no clue the rules of the game but the stadium was packed. I took drink orders from people in the box suites and then brought the drinks out to them. Plus I got to watch the game in between. It was really fun. Cool and unique experience. I am excited to see all the random jobs I take as I make my way around Australia. I eventually am going to end up on the East Coast (Melbourne/Sydney) but that will be towards the end of my year here… and I am already starting to think about my next moves. Maybe New Zealand working at a ski resort? South America? Teaching in Asia? Who knows. I have time, that’s for sure. Until then, I’ll keep randomly clogging your news feed with long posts that only a handful will read, but those who do I greatly appreciate it. As always, I love you all, enjoy the upcoming summer, have fun at the lakes, drink some Coors Light, enjoy Amendment 64, stay healthy, take risks, smile at a stranger.. keep on livin’!


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