Refused Entry (Again..)

April 26, 2014

Alright. So in Australia before u enter a bar they scan your passport. They ask u to stand and they take your face pic before u can enter… and they ask you how many drinks you have had… Therefore u “can’t have ANY drinker before u go out.” And the beers are $9.00-$11.00 each. And they give u a breathalyzer. So if you’ve had a drink before u enter you can’t get in. Literally, if you say “I’ve had a beer” you aren’t allowed inside unless you are 100% without a drink. So you can’t even go from a bar to another bar… I was “passed” to enter a bar but they looked at my shoes and said they weren’t allowed.. I am only judging off Perth but this country on terms of having responsible fun is proving to be limited. Won’t waste a year of my 20’s here w these limitations. America.. And.. Asia. Are.. The.. Shit.. And I miss them.


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