What I Miss Most..

April 29, 2014

What do I miss most about home? Going to a concert at Red Rocks with all of my friends. Simple as that. Waking up that morning and knowing it’s only a matter of hours before you’ll be there. Everyone calling eachother, figuring out whose getting what. Making copious beer purchases at the store. Finalizing what time you really need to be at someone’s house for the party bus. Getting there and realizing the bus actually arrives 30 minutes later than told. Walking into the home and seeing the face of that visiting friend and embracing them until they can’t breathe. The gracious organizer frantically wondering if all seats will be filled or not. Seeing the bus pull up and know you’re not quite ready. Gathering your stuff as fast as possible to not hold everyone else up. Congregating outside for one group shot that will last a lifetime. Getting on the bus and settling down while making sure everyone’s accounted for. Feeling the bus pull away as the excitement and energy amongst your friends increases. Exiting I-70 and getting that first glimpse of the red rocks peaking out amongst the hillside. Pulling into Red Rocks and looking out the window at all the colorful faces as you spot friends and acquaintances who’ve arrived before you on different busses. Taking that first step off the bus and becoming one with the crowd. Getting prepped in the parking lot.. There will be dice, slap the bag and vendor purchases. Someone suggesting we all go inside while another simultaneously states that it’s too early. Climbing up those stairs buzzed, sweating and thinking “am I there yet”. Waiting in line hoping you can sneak whatever in you are trying to sneak in. Getting inside and reading your texts to see at what row and seat the family decided to post up. Standing there mid sentence, the lights go out, the crowd screams and the first note gets played. At this moment, you look and see all your friends faces smiling as they shine against the stage lights.. you feel as one and every single care goes away. This is the feeling I’m chasing.

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