Margaret River

April 21, 2014

Back in Perth. Wonderful weekend spend deep in the forests of SW Australia. We made it to 4 national parks, saw tons of kangaroos (almost hit two), visited plenty of beaches, successfully camped on random back roads, drank a couple bottles of whiskey, visited some wineries, climbed a couple trees, and most importantly.. Took a ton of pictures. I’m really happy with their outcome so opposed to writing a lengthy post here, I’ll post single photos over the next week or so with a little story behind them. 

This one is simple, we were driving down the road as the sun was setting and decided to run around the vineyard. Leaving the vineyard was my first encounter w kangaroos in the wild. There was a family of 15-20 in this open field. We stopped the car and tried to approach them but they hopped away. I’ll post a photo sometime later, it was great. Later while driving one hopped in front of the car but luckily we avoided hitting it. The SW Region really is dense with trees and it made a nice long weekend journey. Now I am exhausted, I just left the gym and it’s only 9:00pm but I’m going to bed. My 5:20 alarm will come early! Goodnight from Australia.


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