Kangaroo Spotting

April 23, 2014

Leaving the vineyard and driving down the windy road led to a friend screaming “I just saw a kangaroo”. For whatever reason, I thought he was joking. Therefore, we stopped the car and flipped it in reverse. Then not only did we see one kangaroo, but an entire “pack” of them! There were so many scattered throughout this field, I couldn’t believe it. We jumped out of the car and slowly approached them but as you see here, they noticed us, stood on alert and then quickly hopped away. The way they hop is quite humerous in itself. Afterwards we nearly hit one who decided to jump in front of our car out of nowhere. The most dangerous thing in Australia I’ve been told are kangaroos. They are attracted to the car lights and just hop in front of you. Most people swerve to miss them and end up in a much worse scenario then if they would just have accepted the collision. Something to keep in mind whenever I finally have earned enough money to make my way across Australia. Until then, it’s just small adventures like these which I am perfectly fine with. It’s been nice staying in one place for almost a month now. However, I do miss being on the road but it’ll be that much more exciting when my time finally comes. Until then, I’ll keep living in the moment and enjoying Perth. 


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