Gloucester National Park

May 2, 2014

Amidst the towering giants in Gloucester National Park in Western Australia are two specific trees allowing people to climb a spiral wire ladder system to a lookout platform at the top. There are no guardrails and you could potentially slip right through the posts, plummeting to your.. well.. death. I’m not sure how this is legal but it was a great opportunity to get over my recent developed fear of heights. Mid way up I started sweating and when I looked up at the next “step” I would focus on the pole then the background and it kept going back and forth, not allowing me to properly focus. I just took a deep breathe, reached for the next pole, and continued to climb. A total of 72 meters high or 263 feet high or 21 stories high (if 3.3 meters is one story). Point being, it’s damn high. I mustered up the guts to take a photo and this is only half way up the tree. Please see the photo posted below in the comments of a look at this tree from the ground. It wasn’t easy but.. I did it!


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