First Impressions of Perth

March 31, 2014

G’Day Mate! I’ve had reverse culture shock here in Australia. It’s so quiet, spread out and clean.. I’m in the biggest city in Western Australia and is considered a “sleeper city” since it’s so seperated from everything. It’s the second most isolated city in the world besides Honolulu. It reminds me of Colorado where everyone walks around smiling and saying “hello” to one of another. It’s perfect. There are parks everywhere, trees everywhere, wild never-before-seen birds everywhere, it’s clean, it’s quiet, the ocean is nearby, the downtown is tiny.. And did I mention it’s quiet? It’s great and so different than the places I have been to recently. Don’t get me wrong, Asia is the most amazing place I have ever experienced. I just wrote for one hour on this.. I love Asia.. However, it’s so nice to be here in Australia. It feels like home, yet with an Aussie twist. It’s vey unique. The only downside is it’s so expensive.. It’s inhumane how pricey it is. It’s more than SF or NYC in my opinion. A price tag of $2.00 for a canned coke, places advertise a “lunch special” for $10.00, beers are $7.00… Luckily, once you get a job the wages offset the expanses. Today I started my job hunt, going around on the free bus system in town. I forgot how much job searching sucks. I worked at the same place for 3.5 years and always had networking to aid me with a job and now I’m here, far away from home, all by myself looking for work.. it isn’t the easiest task.. Especially in a “big” city where work is harder to come by. But, I will keep my faith high. I want to spend a few months in the city before moving to the rural outback but if there is no job within a month, I’m outta Perth and heading into the bush. It will all be OK in the end.. This I know. Besides looking for work, all is great. It took some effort to meet people but I have a solid group of friends here. We cook and eat together and formed a family away from home. Were all going paintballing in a few days as well. This photo was taken yesterday on an island in the river. The kangaroos aren’t in cages and roam free. It took me over an hour to find them but was rewarding once I did. They’re a funny looking creature. Especially the way they move. Anyways, goodnight.. The job hunt resumes tomorrow.. With a paintball break the following day.¬†


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