First Day of Work

April 9, 2014

As I sit here waiting for the jetty after finishing my first shift I can’t help but laugh. We’re building an apartment complex and I have no idea what I am doing, lulz. I think that’s gonna be a common theme here as I hop around Australia from random job to job. Perfecting acting like you know what you are doing when you have no clue.  As always, I’m chasing experiences and this is a random one at that so no regrets. It’s good fun, nice people and I’m happy w the compensation bc it will aid further traveling. Plus it’s a damn good 8 hour workout. So let’s give it a couple months here but who knows things may change. I feel that’s the joy about being on a working holiday visa here in Australia. You never know what’s next. I still want to work on a boat, a farm and vineyard at some point.. And of course get a car/camper and a tent and just explore but that’s after I earn some Aussie dollars.


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