One Year on the Road..

May 31, 2014

As I type this I really don’t know where to start.. this week marks a year since I packed up and left America. I remember the feeling like it was yesterday.. walking onto that plane, wondering if I forgot anything, checking and checking again that I have the address to my hostel, the butterflies in my stomach and excitement in the air. I had no clue what to expect and all I could think of was how scared I was to arrive in Manila in the middle of the night. The past year has been something that you can’t put a price tag on. Traveling by myself and seeing this world is one of the best things I could have ever done. I faced many subconscious realities about myself. Some which I have proudly already accepted and others which I am still working on. I have loved, I have lost. I have been brave, I have been a coward. I have been happy, I have cried uncontrollably. The range of experiences, feelings, and emotions are not able to be transposed into words. Its impossible. I can just say this.. I am so damn thankful for every person, every teacher, every sign which have been bestowed upon me over these past 12 months. I have tried my best to learn as much as I can from each person I meet; Not to take anyone for granted and to really make myself vulnerable. I tried to write a brief summary about the years past and it ended up being 5 pages long.. and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll post it later but truth be told, there is no way to explain to anyone these past 12 months. Each country, each city, each waking moment is impossible to describe. I tell you this, it hasn’t been dull. As I settle into Australia and get acclimated to the new country, I can already tell that this is going to be no different. I foresee less of a cultural experience, and more of a self growth, acceptance and understanding roller coaster ahead. I have gained the tools in SE Asia and now its time to execute them in real life. I accept the challenge and can’t wait to see where I am as a person in another 12 months from now.



1,000th Instagram Post

May 13, 2014

My 1,000th Instagram post! It’s been a great journey over these past couple years. I still can’t believe I have over 33,000 followers interested in my photography. It means the world to me to be able to share with you all this side little hobby of mine. Thank you all so much. Here’s to the next 1,000 pictures!


Two Thumbs Up

May 8, 2014

Funny how life can change directions in a split second. Things can happen so quickly that you never saw them coming and then BAM your whole world is turned upside down.. or at least it seems that way in the beginning. When the 30-45 pound brace came swinging down smashing my thumb against the other brace I had no clue what happened. I heard the snap, looked down and my fingernail was lifted and in its place was my bone sticking out leaving my thumb dangling and barely hanging onto the skin underneath. I wish I could say I kept my cool but I freaked and after finding my supervisor and walking down the three flights of stairs he thankfully yelled at me to get my shit together and that I needed to breathe bc I was turning white and nearly passing out from hyperventilating. Luckily, I was able to do so. I just breathed like pregnant women do in labor in the movies and did some heavy breathing and finally got my head clear nearly 10-15 minutes after the accident. Then they wrapped my hand and my supervisor took me to the hospital where I walked in stating “I think I chopped my thumb off” lol where they quickly arranged me to head on back to the ER. Four people asked me the same questions over and over but I was somehow able to stay calm through the interrogation process and I just kept asking over and over, “am I going to loose my thumb?” and over and over they kept responding, “we don’t know until we take a look.” The uncertainty was the worst part. To be honest, it didn’t hurt too much the first 30 minutes, then the pain kicked in. They gave me 3-5 rounds of morphine but all it did was make me not care about the pain. Anyways, they took some x-rays, confirmed it was a compound fracture and then asked if I was covered by workman’s comp. I thought I was but wasn’t sure. Luckily, I was covered so they were able to take me to a different “private” hospital where they have “better” plastic surgeons waiting to work on my thumb than at the “public” hospital. They took me to the other hospital by ambulance and when I got there the pain really kicked in. Worst off, I never felt so alone. Sounds emo, but it’s how it went. Here I was, across the world, sitting alone, not knowing if I lost my thumb and dealing with the most immense pain to date. The doctor goes, “do you have any friends or family here” and I look at him and go.. “No”. What a helpless moment that was. Then I started to think more clearly, I wasn’t alone, I had a couple of friends I could call up. I called up my friend Leo who dropped everything and took a cab down to where I was to be with me. I can’t explain how grateful I am to have him as my friend in my life at this moment. We joked about “thumbs up” and yea he helped get my mind off the upcoming surgery. Then I made that post on Facebook.. I am sure some people are like “why the hell is he posting on FB when his finger is barely holding on”.. well when you feel so isolated its amazing how close at home you can feel with the digital world. Within 10 minutes I had over 20 people commenting, messaging me and telling me to be strong, that they loved me and that they were here for me. I suddenly didn’t feel alone anymore. Those 20 comments amounted to over 120 people throughout the evening with people leaving me such nice messages. I just wanted to thank you all because it helped me get through it. It was my main force. I felt the love and it was coming in strong. Times like these remind me how lucky and fortunate I am to have such a close group of friends and family. Even though I have been so far away for so long I still can feel at home. After the surgery, I slept in the hospital and the next day my manager and his wife opened their doors to me and I spend the first night at their house. They watched over me, fed me and laughed with me as the pain killers were making me act a little loopy. I have been given full pay off work while I heal and think this is a sign that it’s time to move on after my healing process is completed. Perth has been a good learning experience for me. It hasn’t been the easiest but it definitely hasn’t been the hardest. I have made some great memories here and learned a lot about myself. I mainly have had adequate time to sit and reflect on my time in Asia. I saw and experienced so much on a personal and interpersonal level that I really needed to take a breather and analyze what had happened. I’ve been able to compare and contrast the often rough living situations I saw in Asia to the easy lifestyle I have and often take for granted having been born in an overall fortunate situation known as America. This is a repeating thought that has been haunting my mind on constant basis ever since I left last May. The thought, often guilt on questioning what did I do to deserve to be born into such a fortunate life where shelter, clothes, food and money have never been a severe threat. What did I do to deserve to be born in the United States opposed to, for example, Myanmar or Laos where they have virtually zero medical care. If I was born in Myanmar/Laos and this happened to my thumb, I literally would not have access to healthcare. I wouldn’t have access to plastic surgeons, I wouldn’t have access to pain medications, I wouldn’t have access to stitches, I wouldn’t have access to X-Rays, I wouldn’t have access to many things.. If by chance I was born in one of these countries, I probably wouldn’t have my thumb. Now what did I do to deserve being born in the States where I automatically have an upper hand in life? I wish I had the answer. It really messes with me. I tell you this, I am so grateful for all of the doctors and nurses. I am grateful for the readily available pain medicine. I am thankful for the iPhone I was able to make that post on before surgery. I am thankful for the sanitary hospital. I am thankful for my friends and my family.. and most of all, I am thankful for my thumb. So as I slowly type this mainly with one hand, I realize that yea, things hurt and suck right now, but things could be a whole lot worse. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.


Sitting in the Emergency Room..

May 5, 2014

Guys I need thoughts & prayers. I’m in the ER waiting to have surgery. I smashed my thumb, bone was sticking out, fingernail uprooted, thumb dangling down. Worst pain maybe ever. They said they can save the thumb. Waiting for surgery now but just wanted to get the positive vibes starting to get sent.

Gloucester National Park

May 2, 2014

Amidst the towering giants in Gloucester National Park in Western Australia are two specific trees allowing people to climb a spiral wire ladder system to a lookout platform at the top. There are no guardrails and you could potentially slip right through the posts, plummeting to your.. well.. death. I’m not sure how this is legal but it was a great opportunity to get over my recent developed fear of heights. Mid way up I started sweating and when I looked up at the next “step” I would focus on the pole then the background and it kept going back and forth, not allowing me to properly focus. I just took a deep breathe, reached for the next pole, and continued to climb. A total of 72 meters high or 263 feet high or 21 stories high (if 3.3 meters is one story). Point being, it’s damn high. I mustered up the guts to take a photo and this is only half way up the tree. Please see the photo posted below in the comments of a look at this tree from the ground. It wasn’t easy but.. I did it!


What I Miss Most..

April 29, 2014

What do I miss most about home? Going to a concert at Red Rocks with all of my friends. Simple as that. Waking up that morning and knowing it’s only a matter of hours before you’ll be there. Everyone calling eachother, figuring out whose getting what. Making copious beer purchases at the store. Finalizing what time you really need to be at someone’s house for the party bus. Getting there and realizing the bus actually arrives 30 minutes later than told. Walking into the home and seeing the face of that visiting friend and embracing them until they can’t breathe. The gracious organizer frantically wondering if all seats will be filled or not. Seeing the bus pull up and know you’re not quite ready. Gathering your stuff as fast as possible to not hold everyone else up. Congregating outside for one group shot that will last a lifetime. Getting on the bus and settling down while making sure everyone’s accounted for. Feeling the bus pull away as the excitement and energy amongst your friends increases. Exiting I-70 and getting that first glimpse of the red rocks peaking out amongst the hillside. Pulling into Red Rocks and looking out the window at all the colorful faces as you spot friends and acquaintances who’ve arrived before you on different busses. Taking that first step off the bus and becoming one with the crowd. Getting prepped in the parking lot.. There will be dice, slap the bag and vendor purchases. Someone suggesting we all go inside while another simultaneously states that it’s too early. Climbing up those stairs buzzed, sweating and thinking “am I there yet”. Waiting in line hoping you can sneak whatever in you are trying to sneak in. Getting inside and reading your texts to see at what row and seat the family decided to post up. Standing there mid sentence, the lights go out, the crowd screams and the first note gets played. At this moment, you look and see all your friends faces smiling as they shine against the stage lights.. you feel as one and every single care goes away. This is the feeling I’m chasing.

Refused Entry (Again..)

April 26, 2014

Alright. So in Australia before u enter a bar they scan your passport. They ask u to stand and they take your face pic before u can enter… and they ask you how many drinks you have had… Therefore u “can’t have ANY drinker before u go out.” And the beers are $9.00-$11.00 each. And they give u a breathalyzer. So if you’ve had a drink before u enter you can’t get in. Literally, if you say “I’ve had a beer” you aren’t allowed inside unless you are 100% without a drink. So you can’t even go from a bar to another bar… I was “passed” to enter a bar but they looked at my shoes and said they weren’t allowed.. I am only judging off Perth but this country on terms of having responsible fun is proving to be limited. Won’t waste a year of my 20’s here w these limitations. America.. And.. Asia. Are.. The.. Shit.. And I miss them.