Trains.. Trains.. Trains…

March 5, 2014

The trains I’m Sri Lanka are fast, loud and people are crammed inside. They’re taken inside the cities or between cities and they are packed.. Like sardines. They’re so packed that people literally hang on outside of the carts.. It’s hard to explain and this photo doesn’t capture it. It’s wild. Trains are taken within the city or in between city limits.. Everyone hops on and hops off at periodic stations and often do so while the train is still moving. Yesterday I went into Colombo, the main city, and got on the wrong train while leaving back to my hostel.. I saw my exit pass by and the train kept going.. and going.. and going.. over an hour later the train finally stops. I went to the next city south by accident. I waited, I dunno, thirty minutes for the next hour plus train to take me where I was supposed or go. A nice two and a half hour detour. What can you do but laugh? I met some nice people at the train station, that’s a plus. He gave me his number and if I *ever* go back there I have a place to stay. Luckily today I had better luck. I went from Colombo to Kandy on a pleasant three hour train ride. Even took some time to sit with my feet dangling out watching the landscape pass by. It was a beautiful site. Goodnight from Kandy, Sri Lanka.


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