Sri Lanka -> India -> Nepal ?

February 25, 2014

Confirmed.. Flight to Sri Lanka on Sunday and Flight to India on March 26th. Not sure what I am doing heading to Sri Lanka and Southern India during the hottest part of the year but I’ll survive! Extremely excited for this last leg of the trip before Australia. I’ve been in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for two weeks now.. I hit a “wall” if you will and needed to rest. I was tired.. Tired of moving, finding a place to stay, finding place to eat, figuring out the transit system, bargaining left and right, having that introductory conversation when you meet backpackers.. Everything that was once exciting about traveling became a burden… BUT I am well rested and READY for the unique experience I know that lays ahead. Sri Lanka will be simple but I know India will push all limits of patience and understanding. Everyone I meet says it takes a while to adjust to India.. Some say they didn’t like it until they reflected on it after leaving.. Others say it takes weeks to adjust.. Few hate it.. But most will pause, smirk and then tell you there’s no place like it on Earth. “There’s India, then there’s the rest of the world”. I am rejuvenated and now have the energy to understand exactly what that means. First things first, 3.5 weeks in Sri Lanka!


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