Bumpy Roads in Sri Lanka

March 12, 2014

Yesterday I was taking a night train from up North to South in a city called Hikkadawa. It’s a common dilemma here, not knowing when you are supposed to get off your bus/train and the train conductor somehow noticed I kept asking people so he invited me to the FRONT of the train with him as he drove. I even was able to toot the horn. Every child has wanted to do that! He then invited me to his home with his wife in Galle, the city after Hikkadawa. So I took a leap of faith and went to this other town with him. It turns out to have been a great decision as it’s been a nice two days with their family. They’re super friendly, they literally made sure the mosquito net was tucked in last night and then turned off the lights for me. lol. 😬 Super kind. Today, he took me around town on his motorbike and I was able to explore Galle to the fullest as I head to Hikkadawa in the morning. It’s been a nice change of pace because I haven’t adapted to Sri Lanka well. Sad to report, it’s been my least favorite country thus far but with just under two weeks left I’m not giving up hope. There’s still plenty of time! When I started out this journey I knew there would be highs and lows and I just have to remind myself that whenever I find myself in a low, that it’s part of my path. If anything, it yields personal strength to get through not-so-desirable situations. Anyways, enough of that nonsense.. There’s roughly two weeks left and I’m gonna really put myself out there to try to turn my Sri Lankan experience around! // “The roller coasters gotta roll to the bottom to climb to the top again.”

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