Phuket and the Masses

December 28, 2013

Made a journey today to James Bond Island today in Phuket, Thailand. There were over a thousand people there and it was a less than enjoyable experience but glad I made it there. I left Koh Yao Noi, Thailand previously after spending one of the most memorable Christmas’ I’ve had in my life. I was apprehensive about spending the holidays away from home as Thanksgiving was less than enjoyable. However, while in Tonsai Beach, Krabi, Thailand, I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing group of 6 people who all pitched in and rented a magnificent house in the hills overlooking the ocean filled with limestone boulders. Being the youngest of the group (for a change), we made an excellent Christmas away from home. We spent the four days with immense laughter and great company. Three of the women were from Spain so I got to practice my español. It definitely was a Christmas I’ll never forget in the warm, sunny Thailand. I am heading to Koh Phangan tomorrow for the biggest party in Asia.. or so they say. I wish I was going three years ago because I am sure I would enjoy it more, however, this is something not to be missed. Bring on the Mayhem!


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