Petronas Towers

December 9, 2013

Kuala Lumpur! I had a great first day in Malaysia wondering around aimlessly in this fast faced city. I hadn’t explored a big city by myself in a while and it was really nice. Sometimes it’s good to be solo as you get to observe everything that goes on around you 100% of the time. I spent an hour on a park bench just people watching and it was awesome. I headed to China Town and the Central Market before figuring out the subway system to the Petronas Towers which are photographed above. When I arrived at the Petronas Towers I was walking up the stairs from the subway and when I finally saw them I yelled something like “No Way.. Awesome!!!” It yielded a ton of laughter from a group of Malays nearby. Hah. I couldn’t contain my excitement. There’s a huge 6-7 story mall inside. I stumbled upon a movie theatre and since I haven’t seen a movie since Singapore I decided to check out the new Hunger Games flick. I thought it was awesome but I could have low standards as simply watching a movie was a complete luxury. Plus I hadn’t read the second book so it was all a “surprise” to me. After the movie, I busted out my tripod I bought in Indonesia and took my first long exposure shot. You can see I am a ghost in the photo because I moved too soon. I have some where I am solid but I liked this one the best. A couple more days here until I bolt up north to Thailand next week to backpack around with @Brien Silver. Jesuit takes on Asia… and my friend booked me a hostel for NYE in Koh Phangan.. Going to be epic.


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