Myanmar Obsession

January 15, 2014

First Long Exposure shot w the new cam. I should have picked a better subject area to shoot but this will do for now. Slowly but surely figuring out how to use this beast. I had a crash course w an Austrian guy I met yesterday.

“Good Day Mate”
“I Said Austrian, Not Australian”

Annnywayyssss.. Gotta run, I’m obsessed with the Burmese people and can’t wait to go interact again today. For instance, 4 million people go to Thailand each year and only 300,000 people travel to Myanmar. The locals are so darn curious when they see you.. So curious. Especially since the borders just opened a few years ago and until then never saw any outsiders. They lived a life (and continue to love a life) of governmental military oppression and was labeled as the 5th most corrupt country Inge world in 2011 behind Afghanistan, Semolina, Syria and I forget the fifth. (According to Lonley Planet). No matter what I say they laugh, smile and blush until one from the group gains enough courage to interact, then one by one they feel comfortable and start trying heir best to communicate. I have a handful of phrases in Burmese written down and when I try to say them they all laugh and are appreciative of my efforts and then help me in the pronunciation. Now this is backpacking. I’ve been here for one day, and even amidst food poisoning, managed to go outside for a few hours and I can already tell this will be unlike any place I’ve been this far. This is a special place.


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