Malang Instameet

November 17, 2013

Leavin Malang, Indonesia heading to Bali. I left a day late because I missed my bus but couldn’t be happier that I missed the bus because today my @Instagram friends had a “InstaMeet” with the community with challenges and guest models. Everyone gathered in the name of photography taking photos and just sharing constant laughs. We had a sponsor, a telephone company, who provided water and gave me a T-Shirt. They called me their guest of honor, the random American in the group. It was a humbling experience. Everyone took turns taking a personal photo with me, it was quite awesome! Almost everything I did was followed by a laugh or a smile. One of the best things about language barriers is that words are exchanged with body language, motions and laughter. They all were SO kind and nice to me, it felt like I was at home. Unfortunately, my time in Malang has come to an end. It is filled with great memories and new found friends. Indonesia is turning out to be such a great place. Now we will continue to stay in touch through Instagram. This is the turn out for the event below. They all insisted I stand in the middle, just another sign of their kind heartedness. I also had my first Portrait Photography shoot and posted a photo a little earlier. There are so many to choose from it was difficult. Anyways, I’m Bali Bound! I am on a bus and only 11 more hours to go! My friends got me the local price too, only $8.00 for quite a long distance (Ferry Included!). Adios Amigos.


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