Kaudulla National Park

March 8, 2014

Went on a safari today at Kaudulla National Park here in Sri Lanka and saw elephants in their natural habitat. We waited forever and finally they appeared from the dense, green forest. It was awesome. I’m really enjoying Sri Lanka. It took me a moment to adjust as it’s much different than Southeast Asia but now I think I “understand” it. The heat was taking a taxing toll as there isn’t any relief of air con anywhere but I think I’m also adjusting to the heat which is good. Yesterday I hiked this tall hill to the top of a rock and made a friend who was from India. He really got me excited for my upcoming time in India and when I get to Mumbai I am going to meet up with him and his friends for them to show me around. Excited to have a familiar face to meet up with about half way through my journey in his country. As for Sri Lanka.. It’s great. It’s busy.. Real busy.. People everywhere.. But I finally escaped the mayhem and landed in the National Park which was a good change of pace. The hostels are more like home stays. They cook you dinner each night and you really get to know the families running the place who are opening their home to you. It’s been harder to meet backpackers which is why I think at first it took some adjustment. You really are on your own trying to find the bus/train stations and figuring out when to get off the bus/trains.. Where to stay.. etc. It’s a nice challenge. Luckily everyone is really friendly and speak English and are quick to help you out. I haven’t had to ask locals for help nearly as much as I have here and it’s great to see them all willing to assist. Anyways, I am off to bed just thought I’d post a pic real quick. Take care!


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