Colombo, Sri Lanka

March 3, 2014

Someone once told me the friendliest people they’ve met while traveling came from three countries: Nepal, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. They were a well seasoned traveler and I’m starting to realize after one day exactly what they meant. At lunch I was approached by a guy saying for me to join his table. They were having a good time and I spent a few hours there along the beach and they were saying that they would get me the local price. Sure enough, my meal was half price. One of them offered me to stay at their place the next time I am in Colombo. Another gave me his number saying for me to call him when I get to Kandy and he will connect me with his friends to show me around. Another got my Facebook saying he’ll help me in Sri Lanka and India if needed. Then as I left lunch I took out my camera and before I knew it everyone was coming up to me on the beach wanting their photo taken. One person gave me their physical address (which I didn’t understand) asking me to send the photo later. Another gave me their number telling me to call them later and they would help me. I couldn’t walk one minute without being approached by someone wanting genuine conversation, not trying to sell me something. Point being.. These people kick ass and I’m excited about the next three weeks. I surprisingly had some culture shock today which is always nice but.. well, shocking at first. Haven’t had that since I landed in Myanmar… But I remember when I was leaving Myanmar thinking how what once a culture “shock” was ever so normal to me by then. I’m sure that’s the case now.. I just have to get used to everything.. Especially this intense… and I mean intense heat… There is no AC in most hostels.. I’ll live but even right now in my room at 10:50pm I’m sweating bullets. Here we gooooo!


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