An Unexpected Delay

January 16, 2014

Well I got to the bus station, loaded my bag underneath and sat in my seat. I reached for my iPhone to listen to music and remembered I left it plugged in at the hostel! I had a moment where I thought “Meh, I don’t need it. It’s weighing me down” and then realized I should probably hop off the bus and come back for it. So back in Yangon I’ll remain for one more night. I had to separate from my travel partner and ultimately now pay full price for a room but I could bitch and moan but what can you do. I’ll take this is a sign that I’m not suppose to be in the next city, Mandalay, quite yet. Something is keeping me in Yangon and tomorrow I’ll make myself vulnerable by being amongst the people and see why the universe decided to keep me here. Bring it. // Photo of Yangon, Myanmar.


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