Boracay, Philippines

June 12, 2013

Good Afternoon! I made it to Boracay on Monday morning and have really been enjoying this place. I landed a room at a hostel called the Treehouse and have been having a great time picking the minds of other travelers. The first night I accidentally stood in an ant bed which definitely was the low point of the trip this far lol. My circle of friends here in Boracay consist of a Canadian, an Israeli, two English, and a Chilean. It’s been really interesting hearing about their customs. Boracay is a tourist hot spot so it’s a melting pot for many different cultures. My body is finally getting SEMI used to this overwhelming heat but still I have a long way to go. It’s embarrassing always sweating so much lol. Last night we went to get some drinks and then heard music bumping down the beach and we slowly made our way there. It ended up being a wedding party with a big group from Hong Kong. They were FUN and invited us in right away and out came the Absinthe. So basically I attended a wedding shower here in Boracay hah. It was nice of them to invite us in. We all went for a swim in the early hours of the morning and the stars were indescribable. It was comparable to the skies in Moab. The Milky Way was extremely bright and my friend Ben from England was pointing out constellations. The sunsets here are pretty amazing and I am thankful for last night the clouds parted giving us an incredible sunset. Pictures will follow soon! Hope all is well take care.


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