Local Interactions in El Nido

June 7, 2013

Just had a local come up and sit down w me during dinner. He was born here in El Nido. I asked him if he has been to Sabong, where I go next. It is only a bus ride. No flight needed and it’s on the same island here. He said he has never been there but it’s his “dream” and that he has heard stories. He is well spoken, well clothed and a waiter here. But still his dream to go five hours by van south. I wish I could buy him a trip. I told him one day he will make it there. I told him about our dog Duke and explained what a pound was and how we saved him from the pound. He was dumbfounded that a pound existed. The convo was sparked by a dog coming to our table and he mentioned how he likes dogs. We then started talking about cats and when I made the purrr noise he started laughing going “your cats do that too?!” So today I am thankful for the opportunity to travel, even if its something as easy as Dallas to Austin. Just the ability to leave my hometown I didn’t realize was such a luxury.


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